Penmap is the new premium data collection software, specifically designed for TabletPCs, PDAs and handheld GNSS receivers running Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or Windows Mobile operating system. It's revolutionary user interface provides the industry's largest map real-estate, is designed to be operated with your fingers, and provides the world's first right- or left-handed modes for better ergonomics.

Revolutionary User Interface - Touch Your Data

The Penmap experience is a new and more enjoyable way of operating surveying and mapping software. Penmap is designed to be operated with your fingers. You don’t need a stylus that you could easily lose or forget. It’s fast and easy to control and navigate your data and map with just a touch of your finger.  Now you can even Touch Your Data.

For better ergonomics and user experience Penmap provides two unique modes for right- and left-handed users.

More Space for Your Maps

We don’t accept compromises between large buttons for easy operation and a gorgeous map display! The upper and lower button bars are translucent to show you the largest map real-estate possible. Penmap can handle very large data sets of raster or vector background maps. So you can have ALL your data with you whenever you need them.


Penmap always provides you with a map view of your job. Everything that you are collecting is displayed on the map in realtime, including your current position. This highly improves the quality and completeness of your data and gives you peace of mind that you have collected everything completely and correctly before leaving the site.

Easy to use. Really.

Penmap is designed to be used immediately. You don’t need to be a surveying expert or go through a long learning curve. Because you always see what you are doing in realtime, using Penmap is like drawing a sketch or map on paper. And no worries about mistakes - Penmap encore’s UNDO / REDO function can remove errors instantly.

Video Tutorials

You can download the software from our support section. Please contact us to get your 30-days fully functional license and evaluate Penmap for free.


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