Penmap office

Penmap office is the useful addition to your Penmap field software. It streamlines your workflow from preparing your project, importing data, managing large raster and vector background maps to giving your collected field data the final touch back in the office.

Revolutionary User Interface - Touch Your Data

The Penmap office experience is a new and more enjoyable way of operating surveying and mapping software. We don’t accept compromises between large buttons for easy operation and a gorgeous map display! The upper and lower button bars are translucent to show you the largest map real-estate possible. Penmap office can handle very large data sets of raster or vector background maps.

Easy to use. Really.

Penmap office is designed to be used immediately. You don’t need to be a surveying expert or go through a long learning curve. Because you always see what you are doing in realtime, using Penmap office is like drawing a sketch or map on paper. And no worries about mistakes - Penmap’s UNDO / REDO function can remove errors instantly.

Penmap office provides the same functionality and user interface as Penmap without the Total Station, GNSS, and Laser rangefinder interfaces.

Note: Penmap office is not required for Penmap. But it is probably more convenient to prepare and review your projects on a large display PC solution. Penmap office runs on Windows 8, 7, Vista, and Windows XP operating systems.


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