Penmap floorplan

Penmap floorplan software is an easy to use solution to create accurate floor plans. It is ideal for architects, surveyors, real estate agents, facility managers, craftsmen, interior decorators, domestic energy assessors and many more.

Penmap floorplan is the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to produce accurate, measured floor plans. No special surveying knowledge is required to use this software.

Create complete floor plans in 3 simple, intuitive steps:

Step 1: Sketch and Dimension Rooms

  • Sketch the shape of the room with your finger or a stylus on the touch screen
  • Add dimensions to each wall via keyboard entry or wireless via a Bluetooth enabled Leica Disto A6 or a Bosch DLE 150
  • Penmap floorplan will then scale your sketch automatically and calculate the room area
  • Watch the Tutorial (Step 1)

Step 2: Add Doors, Windows, or other Room Elements

  • Select a wall to add an opening
  • Enter all necessary dimensions and the door or window type from the library
  • Finish the room with adding room attributes, like: room height, floor material, comments, and other information
  • Watch the Tutorial (Step 2)

Step 3: Connect Rooms with a Single Click

  • Select the rooms to be connected from the room library
  • Select the connecting opening / door and click Connect - Done.
  • Export your floor plan to DXF for further processing or printing
  • Create comprehensive Excel-compatible room / area reports
  • Watch the Tutorial (Step 3)

Congratulations: Finished! It's really that simple.

Penmap floorplan runs on any PDA running Windows Mobile 5 or higher.

Download Penmap floorplan

Click here to download full functioning Penmap floorplan and test it 10 days for free. Contact us for attractive bundles of Penmap floorplan together with a Leica Disto A6. To connect your Leica Disto A6 to Penmap floorplan via Bluetooth you will need to install Leica's "Disto Transfer PPC" software. You can download the installer from here: Download Disto Transfer PPC

Other Tutorials (Tutorials require Adobe Flash plugin):

  • Advanced Sketching
  • Advanced Functionality


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