Penmap Mobile Solutions for the GIS industry

GIS is everything, or at least everything that can be geographically referenced and positioned.

Geographical information systems (GIS) provide the solution to challenges that involve problems of positioning and geography. Any type of data that can be plotted on a map can be analysed and processed with a GIS.

So whether the GIS is being used to find Oil, plot the positions of streetlights, or just plan the route for a delivery driver, the GIS allows the user to link maps with other information (attributes) such as location data, addresses, asset inventories, buildings, and other database information.

Penmap provides a wide variety of applications to the GIS industry. All of which involve the use of innovative Penmap mobile solutions to allow organisations to integrate their field personnel with their data. Powerful tools for display, query, and selection ensure that field personnel receive the maximum advantage for both the data they already hole and the data they are collecting.

The products below are recommended for the GIS industry
VisualMapper is an augmented reality application that enables users to display and visualize infrastructure asset data,....
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